Workshop: Using AI to Improve Operational Efficiency

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The sheer volume and complexity of data available for businesses to observe, store and use is overwhelming.  Knowing how to apply AI in practical ways to respond promptly to operational challenges is crucial for successful service delivery. For organizations looking to use AI to streamline incident resolution and improve efficiency, this workshop will help give you hands-on experience with the newest features of the BMC Helix Observability and AIOps solution.

In this workshop. we'll guide you through some common use cases that leverage BMC Helix Discovery, Event Management, Resource Optimization and composite AI capabilities to identify and automate remediation of network, infrastructure and application issues.  

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a real-time map of your IT ecosystem with dynamic service modeling.
  • Reduce event noise and control how you view and monitor events.
  • Use powerful visualizations of correlated data to isolate root causes.
  • Use Generative AI to get recommended actions and help ask questions to get further details.
  • Use predictive analytics to plan and optimize compute and storage resources across the enterprise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Observability with AI capabilities is crucial for responding promptly to operational challenges in complex, data-driven organizations.
  • Think beyond metrics, events, logs, and traces. Take a service-centric approach to understanding and resolving network, infrastructure, and application issues.
  • Generative AI can be well applied to help SREs and operations engineers take recommended actions and ask subsequent questions to get further details.

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Mary Chen-modified

Mary Chen

Principal Solution Marketing Manager - BMC
Mary Chen is a Principal Solution Marketing Manager at BMC. She's focused on helping customers succeed with data and advanced technologies to achieve operational efficiency.
Yaron Front-modified

Yaron Front

Product Director - BMC
Yaron Front is a Product Director and evangelist for BMC Helix AIOps and Observability, IT Operations Management (ITOM) platform. His focus is on helping companies increase revenues, improve service levels and modernize IT operations by leveraging better, more scalable observability with AIOps. Prior to joining BMC in 2021, for over 25 years, Yaron was a passionate entrepreneur, innovator, inventor and a business leader having successfully founded and led several enterprise software and AI/ML driven medical-device companies in the thriving Israeli tech-startup ecosystem.
Rick Lefort-modified

Rick Lefort

Director, Solution Engineer Architect - BMC

Rick is a director with the Digital Service and Operations Management SEAL team at BMC. In this role, he leads a team that enables and evangelizes BMC's Helix software solution across the BMC ecosystem of sales, partners, and customers.

Rick joined BMC in 2005 as part of the OpenNetwork Technologies acquisition to expand BMC's identity management and security portfolio. While at BMC, he has enjoyed working on business-critical products and projects in IT service and operations management.