The Balancing Act:
Mastering the Art of Cost-Efficient Cloud Performance for Engineers

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Tuesday, June 26th

1 pm ET

In the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, finding the perfect balance between performance and cost is a constant challenge. As organizations strive to optimize their cloud operations, it's crucial to adopt a proactive and continuous approach to cost management while ensuring optimal workload performance.

This technical talk will delve into the art of cost-efficient cloud performance, catering to DevOps Engineers, Cloud Architects, SREs, Product Leadership and anyone working in a technical capacity related to FinOps. Attendees will gain valuable insights and actionable strategies using FinOps principles and guidelines to achieve operational success.

By attending this talk, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to strike the perfect balance between cost and performance in your cloud operations. Join us and unlock the secrets to mastering the art of cost-efficient cloud performance, empowering you to drive operational excellence and maximize the value of your cloud investments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adopting a FinOps Mindset from the Start: Discover how incorporating FinOps principles and guidelines into your cloud architecture and engineering processes from the very beginning can optimize costs and performance throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Leveraging Automation and Tooling: Learn how to harness the power of tools like Spot by NetApp's Eco tools to automate cost optimization and performance management at scale, regardless of the cloud service provider or services being used. Automation can help you continuously monitor and adjust resources, ensuring efficient resource utilization and cost-effectiveness.
  • Continuous Improvement is Key: Understand that achieving operational success using FinOps principles is not a one-time goal but a continuous effort. Gain insights into regularly reviewing your cloud architecture, resource utilization and cost metrics to identify areas for improvement and implement changes as your workloads evolve.

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Shon Harris - Circle-2

Shon Harris

Developer Relations & Technical Alliances Lead, Spot by NetApp
Shon W. Harris is an accomplished technologist and self-professed ultra-geek. With over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role at Spot by NetApp.

Previously, Shon held pivotal positions as a Principal Cloud Architect and a DevOps Engineering Lead, where he skillfully transformed intricate software packages and processes into a cloud-first paradigm. His focus on building secure and highly available systems has empowered businesses of all sizes and across diverse industry segments.