Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Mishaps: Financial Implications for Tech Company Growth

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Tuesday, July 30

11 am ET


Are you rapidly scaling your tech company, or have you recently secured your Series A, B, or C funding? Understanding the financial landscape is crucial to accelerating your growth and increasing revenue. Did you know that your R&D costs can lead to significant tax benefits, or that hiring offshore can introduce a myriad of tax challenges? Are you aware of the compliance certifications needed to attract investors and safeguard your company or to close enterprise-sized deals and get the attention of investors?

Join our upcoming webinar designed specifically for technology company executives. Gain insider knowledge to navigate financial pitfalls, manage compliance effectively, and implement solutions that drive success. Our experts will provide real-time financial insights and actionable advice for smarter business decisions, empowering you to grow confidently.

Register today to learn from Aprio’s seasoned professionals about the critical stages of tech company growth. We'll cover essential topics including taxes, financial reporting, compliance/ certifications (such as SOC 2) and more, ensuring you're well-equipped to handle your most pressing business initiatives.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your company's financial strategy, avoid pitfalls and secure your path to success. Register now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the financial opportunities and pitfalls for technology company growth
  • Be aware of compliance and certifications needed as you grow
  • Learn more about essential tax and financial reporting for tech companies

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Mitchell Kopelman

Mitchell Kopelman

Technology Leader/ Tax Partner - Aprio
Shane Peden

Shane Peden

Information Assurance Services | Managing Director - Aprio
Emily Cheshire

Emily Cheshire

Director of Managed Services and Technology Practice - Aprio