Infrastructure From Code: Solving IaC Challenges

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We know that Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has solved a lot of cloud provisioning challenges, but it has also created new ones. As cloud adoption continues to soar, how do we get applications deployed and infrastructure provisioned more efficiently while overcoming these IaC challenges?
This webinar explores infrastructure from code, the ability to use an application’s code to figure out what infrastructure is required to successfully run the app. appCD’s Cesar Rodriguez, VP of engineering and creator of Terrascan, Taylor Becker, principal software engineer, and moderator Lauren Rother, VP of product, define infrastructure from code and showcase how it can help organizations streamline application deployment.
 Key Takeaways:
  • How infrastructure from code helps developers reduce cognitive load and frustration while accelerating delivery
  • Why platform engineering teams do not need to replace existing IDPs, but rather complement them with infrastructure from code
  • How infrastructure from code helps improve productivity, security and even profitability

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Lauren Rother-modified

Lauren Rother

VP of Product, appCD
Currently serving as the VP of Product at appCD, Lauren Rother brings 15 years of expertise and leadership to product development. With previous roles at Akita and HashiCorp, Lauren has consistently built and led teams dedicated to crafting solutions that address technical challenges while prioritizing seamless workflows for developers.
Taylor Becker-modified-1

Taylor Becker

Principal Software Engineer, appCD
Taylor Becker is Principal Software Engineer at appCD. He is a team lead focused on building impactful software with extensive experience working with AWS, Kotlin, back-end development and software architecture.
Cesar Rodriguez-modified

Cesar Rodriguez

VP of Engineering, appCD
As VP of Engineering at appCD, Cesar Rodriguez leads with a wealth of expertise in creating cloud security tools, honed through his previous roles as a software engineer, security architect and engineering leader. Cesar’s experience specializing in architecting, developing, and securing cloud-native environments, informs his dedication to advancing DevOps and security practices in the realm of cloud computing. This dedication is exemplified by his noteworthy contribution to the open-source community through the development of Terrascan, an acclaimed static code analyzer for Infrastructure as Code (IaC).