Transforming Developer Productivity in an API-Dependent Environment
Transforming Developer Productivity in an API-Dependent Environment

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Thursday, April 25

1 pm ET

Modern software runs on APIs. Between microservices, third-party applications, OpenAI and internal tooling, the API dependencies developers are facing are growing exponentially. Attend this webinar to learn about these challenges and how you can solve them to achieve higher productivity across the development life cycle.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the challenges that your development teams are facing because of the exponential growth of API dependencies
  • Learn how to solve API dependency challenges across the SDLC and improve developer productivity using a mock-based approach
  • Facilitate parallel development and API design across your teams using a mock first API prototype approach

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Uri Maoz-modified

Uri Maoz

CEO & Co-Founder - WireMock

Uri is the Co-Founder and CEO of WireMock Cloud. Built on WireMock, the #1 open-source API mocking framework, WireMock Cloud is an API platform that enhances developer productivity by breaking dependencies on the 3rd party APIs, internal APIs and microservices that delay their deliveries.

Tens of thousands of developers use the free version of the WireMock every day, and they have around 100 customers using the paid version, including IBM, NIH, PayPal, and Intuit. WireMock also recently raised $6.5M in seed funding.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the software industry, Uri has a track record of blending business acumen, technical savvy, strategic thinking, and tactical execution to achieve success.

Before establishing WireMock, he held CRO roles in various early-stage startups, where he successfully developed the sales, business, and revenue streams, elevating them from inception to multi-million dollar companies. Additionally, Uri has extensive experience in leading engineering and product teams.


Yousuf Khan-modified

Yousuf Khan

Former CIO and CISO | Partner @ Ridge Ventures | Investor, Board Member, Advisor - Ridge Ventures

Yousuf has over 20+ years of experience as a CIO, advisor, and investor in the enterprise software space.He leverages his deep operational and technical expertise to help startups scale and succeed in a competitive and dynamic market.

As a partner at Ridge Ventures, he focuses on early-stage investments in B2B software companies that are disrupting or creating new categories.He also serves as a board member for several portfolio companies, such as Cerby, Lightyear, and Theom. Additionally, he advises leading companies like Zoom, Productiv, and Material Security on their product, go-to-market, and customer success strategies. His mission is to empower and support visionary founders and teams that are building the next generation of enterprise solutions.