Applying a Data Engineering Approach to Telemetry Data

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Tuesday, August 6

1 pm ET

The exponential growth of telemetry data presents a significant challenge for organizations, who often overspend on data management without fully capitalizing on its potential value. To unlock the true potential of their telemetry data, organizations must treat it as a valuable enterprise asset, applying rigorous data engineering principles to glean the critical insights and accelerated investigations this data is meant to enable. The telemetry data platform approach democratizes access across disciplines and personas and fosters widespread utilization across the organization.

In this session, we explore how leveraging data engineering principles can transform telemetry data into a strategic asset.
Key topics include:
  • Data profiling to understand data characteristics
  • Ensuring data quality to instill confidence
  • Proactive alerts on data drift and anomalies
  • Facilitating wider access while upholding robust data governance practices

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Lauren Nagel

Lauren Nagel

Vice President of Product - Mezmo
Lauren Nagel is the Vice President of Product at Mezmo, with over 20 years of experience leading product teams in high-growth startups and global enterprises. She has a proven track record of launching award-winning software products, holds two patents, and has successfully led products at two companies through acquisitions. 
Paul Nashawaty-modified

Paul Nashawaty

Practice Lead and Lead Principal Analyst - Futurum Group
At The Futurum Group, Paul Nashawaty, Practice Leader and Lead Principal Analyst, specializes in application modernization across build, release and operations. With a wealth of expertise in digital transformation initiatives spanning front-end and back-end systems, he also possesses comprehensive knowledge of the underlying infrastructure ecosystem crucial for supporting modernization endeavors. With over 25 years of experience, Paul has a proven track record in implementing effective go-to-market strategies, including the identification of new market channels, the growth and cultivation of partner ecosystems, and the successful execution of strategic plans resulting in positive business outcomes for his clients.